Monday, October 26, 2015

House Benghazi Hearings | Hillary Clinton | Oct. 22, 2015

Rep. Gowdy (R-SC):
  • "Madame Secretary, you're welcome to answer the question if you would like to."

Secretary Clinton:
  • "Well, I wrote a whole chapter about this in my book, "Hard Choices"; I'd be glad to send it to you, Congressman ;)"

  • Byron York, Benghazi bust (Washington Examiner 2015.10.22)
    • "So a hearing billed as an epic, High Noon-style confrontation — granted, the hype came from the media, not Republican committee members themselves — instead turned out to be a somewhat interesting look at a few limited aspects of the Benghazi affair," he concluded. "In other words, no big deal. And that is very, very good news for Hillary Clinton."

CBS 10.23.2015
        • Q (2:45): Do you think Republicans looked bad in this committee hearing?
        • A: John Dickerson
          • "I think at moments they didn't look great. I mean, it was a long day; there were times where if you [tuned in, you might have] thought, what does this have to do with the central question? And that was a challenge for a committee that even Republicans have said has a partisan leaning."
          • "We have no record that you had any conversation with the ambassador after you swore him in and before he died and you were his boss," said Brooks.
          • "I was the boss of ambassadors in 270 countries," responded Clinton.