Tuesday, February 28, 2006

No Short Cuts To "The End of History"

Fukuyama Interview (by Nathan Gardels)
Gardels: You have long been known as a key figure among the neoconservatives you are now criticizing. What was the turning point for you?

Fukuyama: I started out reasonably hawkish on Iraq back in the 1990s. But after 9/11 I was asked to participate in a Pentagon-sponsored study on long-term strategy in the "war" on terrorism. In the course of doing that, I thought through the underlying threat and the kind of strategies needed to address it. I decided then the challenge of terrorism was ultimately a political contest that couldn't be solved by military means. It was clear to me then, about a year before the war, that, at a minimum, a war with Iraq would be a huge distraction. It has turned out worse: It has become a major setback, making terrorism worse.

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flash forward: Fukuyama Supports Obama Politico 5.27.2008

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