Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Grassroots Movie Exposes DeLay

Yelling "Movie" in a Crowded Political Theater [The Huffington Post]

By admission on all sides, Tom Delay had a master plan: takeover the Texas state house and personally force through a new redistricting plan that would hatch more hard Right Republican congressmen. He executed that plan in Texas. Delay got 5 new hard right Republicans in Congress. But at least one civil judge and a couple of Texas grand juries think DeLay's plan involved funneling large sums of banned corporate money to the state house candidates that helped put the plan into action.

Mark [Bernbaum] and I [Jim Shermbeck] are grassroots film makers. It's just him and me. We're Texas video wildcatters. Freelancers. Entrepreneurs. The revolution in digital technology means you can, as we did with The Big Buy, make a broadcast or theatrical-ready film - if you're willing to not pay yourself. All you need is a camera and tape - and a loving family.

What digital did to film making, Brave New Films is doing to film marketing. They've got a new grassroots model for films that otherwise would never have such a wide audience. We think their plan will get The Big Buy in front of more eyes than traditional roll outs, and with any luck, also come close to compensating us for three years donated labor.

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