Sunday, July 23, 2006

Yo! More on Yoism

The Way of Yo

"We are united in our goals: healthy communities, ecological living, and worldwide justice. In short, the creation—not in an "afterlife," or at some point in an indefinite future—of Heaven on Earth. The foundation for our work is built upon the The Five Pillars, guiding landmarks along The Way of Yo."

The Divinity of Yo

The Ten Sacred Principles

The 7 Main Beliefs:

These are the fundamental beliefs and values that—following The Way of Yo—the community has come to adopt. These beliefs form the current foundation for Yoan thought and practice. When we take a careful look at human history, we see that those societies whose core beliefs did not include most of these ideas and values were misguided, at best, and stagnant, unstable, suffering, or ill, at worst. To heal ourselves and our world we turn to these principles—the stronger our commitment to them, the stronger we are.

  1. Yo - Yo is the name we give to the Divine Mystery that manifests as our world of experience. The Way of Yo is based on a theology that is consistent with the world as it is directly experienced today by people everywhere.

  2. Empiricism - Personal experience and intersubjective verification provide the foundation for belief. We reject truth based solely on authority. This is the basis for our faith in the Open Source Truth Process.

  3. Community - Healthy communities are the foundation for emotional well being and spiritual fulfillment.

  4. Evolution - We turn to the theory of evolution, our only "scientific theory of creation," in order to develop a valid understanding of the forces that brought the human species into being, that "shaped" us into what we are. This enables us to see ourselves more clearly and to take actions that are consistent with the realities about who we are.

  5. Democracy - Until a more effective and just model for organizing human affairs is demonstrated, Yoans participate in the attempt to develop democracy's untapped potential.

  6. Environmentalism - As traveling companions—hurtling through space inside a limited, closed ecosystem—we are all inter-dependent keepers of what Buckminster Fuller called "Spaceship Earth."

  7. Growth - We must all work to continually introduce others to these values and beliefs by engaging their minds and by building welcoming communities that truly transform our relationships and inspire others to do the same.

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