Monday, October 09, 2006

bloggingheads: should-see TV

Bloggingheads 10.3.06

David Corn, James Pinkerton

I'm recommending the whole diavlog. David Corn hits a lot of nails right on the head in a composed and convincing fashion.

There are a number of notable info-age moments, such as at 49:00 or so (a little after I think): Mr. Corn does something conventional broadcast media cannot yet do effectively, which is to "hyperlink" by pointing with his words and gestures to a link to substantive content incorporated by reference into the discussion.

The key difference: the link lives next to the video screen, in the same medium. Now that is rich dialogue! (think 'rich text'). (A reader suggested that one might call it hyperdialogue h/t truthboy but I think rich dialogue sounds better yes, the reader and the writer are one and the same in this instance.)

See rich dialogue in action in this 35 second snippet:

Watch the whole thing!

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