Thursday, April 05, 2007

mickey & bob: reality's liberal bias

Mickey & Bob discussing David Brooks, "No U Turns," on the demise of Goldwater/Reagan conservatism.


Mickey: [introducing subject, summarizing article]: ... the old paradigm doesn't work anymore, and the new paradigm is something like ...

Bob: Something like Liberalism. ... [snip] He's saying Republicans need to move to the left. It really wouldn't necessarily take 800 words. Unless you're trying to almost obscure the fact that that's what you're saying.


Mickey: He's saying Conservatives have to deal with a new level of complexity... A PC, a Personal Computer is a very complex thing. But once we have that level of complexity ... it's a platform for an unprecedented exercise in freedom and liberty, in terms of blogging and all the things it enables people to do. And [Brooks] is saying that we should maybe see government like that. ... [snip] ... We need a sort of new government, in which the government is there, it's omnipresent, you can't get around it. There's a web of government; and the question is, is that going to be a government that's going to enable freedom or hamper freedom? The problem with that is ... I don't think you get much argument in America ... that we want it to be a platform for freedom. So everybody converges on the center.

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