Friday, May 18, 2007

Chuck Schumer on Gonzales

Crooks and Liars » Chuck Schumer Rips Into Gonzales

Thursday night on "Hardball", Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) talked with Chris Matthews about Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and the impending vote of no confidence in the Senate. Schumer gives what is probably the most frank and harsh criticism of Gonzales heard publicly from any member of Congress to date. Following the devastating testimony from former Deputy Attorney General James Comey this past Tuesday, Schumer, like most Americans, is stunned and disturbed by what he heard and renews his call for Gonzales to step down.

Schumer: "The Attorney General, unlike all the others, doesn't just follow the President's orders, but he's the chief law enforcement officer of the land. And the antics, what we saw went on, is reminiscent of something in a third world dicatatorship, not the United States of America and it's hard to believe that the President and his inner circle doesn't get that."

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