Monday, August 27, 2007

Wikinomics » Blog Archive » Tracking the growth of wikinomics

Wikinomics » Blog Archive » Tracking the growth of wikinomics

It wasn’t too long ago that the term wikinomics didn’t pass the test for inclusion on wikipedia - a funny story that involves us posting a “stub” on wikipedia a few months before the book was published, only to have it quickly (and in truth, rightfully) squashed by the power of the wikipedia editorial process. Now not only does it have it’s own page (including links to presentations I have made about the topic), you get over 2,100,000 hits for a “wikinomics” search on Google.

But while I’m obviously happy about the traction we’re gaining, sometimes I find what’s most interesting is going through the Google blog search. These blogs are a great way to monitor the breadth of acceptance for the term and find news ideas tied to the concept - and it’s amazing to see the variety of contexts in which wikinomics is now being put to use.

If you go through even the first few pages posts range from book reviews to thoughts on chemical wikinomics to “using wikinomics to enliven your neighborhood“ to questions like “could wikinomics save Epic Athletic?”, open letters to the music industry quoting our book, questions like “back to school - will your classroom be Wiki’d?”, and and increasing number of posts in languages I don’t understand. As time goes on, we hope to see many more - especially of the latter variety.

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