Monday, January 07, 2008

Face The Nation: Bob Schieffer

Crooks and Liars » Face The Nation: Bob Schieffer on What Iowa Tells Us:

Read carefully between the lines of what Bob Schieffer expresses in his final comment on Face The Nation this past Sunday:
A couple of nice things happened in Iowa that should not be overlooked. An African-American won the Democratic caucuses in a state that is overwhelming white and race was not a factor. No matter who you wanted to win, it’s good to know that can happen. On the Republican side, it was nice to know that every once in a while, an election cannot be bought. Mitt Romney poured millions into Iowa but Mike Huckabee beat him with a smile and a shoeshine and not much more. Forget who won and lost. It’s good to know that money does not always guarantee victory.
Did you catch it? It’s been a while so it’s hard to recognize it when it does, but that was just a MSM pundit celebrating liberal values, like colorblindness, diversity and merit over entitlement and saying that we should all look upon them as a good thing.

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