Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Obama Republicans Carry Weight


... But then there are Republicans like Dale Gaubatz, who voted for President Bush twice. He says he has donated about $100 to the Obama campaign and signed up as a local volunteer. He says he supports Sen. Obama because of his foresight in predicting an expensive and costly war in Iraq. "We got into that with no long-term strategy," said the 34-year-old college enrollment director and military reservist from Boerne, Texas, at a rally in a San Antonio suburb last week.

Mr. Gaubatz likens the current movement to the crossover appeal in 1980 of Ronald Reagan, who drew blue-collar workers and inspired the term "Reagan Democrats."

Indeed, the Obama campaign frequently points to a similar desire to attract "Obama Republicans." Sen. Obama made a direct appeal Sunday at a town hall in Westerville, Ohio. "I believe that Republicans want to have a better America. I don't think they're terrible people because they're Republicans," he said.

In his stump speech, he often describes how Republicans come up to him and whisper, " 'Barack, I'm a Republican, but I support you.' And I say, 'Thank you. Why are we whispering?' "

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Obama on his Republican Supporters:

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