Thursday, September 10, 2009

Art by Novik | Blurb

Art by Novik | Blurb

I put together a cool little art book. It is 7 inches X 7 inches and its pages are graced with beautiful reprints of eighty-five paintings by my friend, the painter Novik. We are selling the book for a limited time at cost ($34 + tax and shipping), but after a short time the price will increase to $100. The idea is to let friends, etc. purchase this collection at cost, but then raise the price to better reflect its value. Eventual profits, if any, will first go toward paying for production expenses and then toward the continued promotion and advancement of Novik's work. The first fifteen pages can be previewed by following the link.

By Mark E. Merritt


The Letter said...

It would be great to see more of the paintings. How do we get to do that?

mark said...

I have a copy of the book for you on order.