Friday, August 25, 2006

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OpenBusiness - Blog Archive - Steal This Film

An interesting and inspiring movie has just been released about The Pirate Bay - the biggest Bittorrent filesharing website in the world. Millions of internet users download music, books and most prominently films via the site. Its not only a technical revolution in the distribution of media, but as the film argues, a cultural and social innovation in the way we access media.

The footage was simply stored on a 250 GB external hard-drive which now costs less than £80. The once-prohibitively expensive HD video cameras were borrowed and editing software, of course, downloaded. All in all the movie surely cost less than £2000 and had been downloaded by over two thousand internet users in its first day of release. While the movie makes some use of copyrighted material to illustrate its points most of it is either news footage from TV or original footage.

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