Saturday, September 09, 2006

Bush: Exploiting, Not Honoring, 9-11

Brent Budowsky: Historians Will Morally Impeach George W. Bush For Exploiting, Not Honoring, 9-11

The Huffington Post

"[I]n our system of government there is one President and Commander in Chief with unique responsibilities and duties. And historians will judge that the greatest lie ever told by any man who ever held that post was this:

"The man who campaigned as the Great Uniter, and declared himself the Great Decider, will burn in history as the Great Divider with all of the catastrophic consequences that are escalating every hour, of every day.

"How pathetic that as the sun begins to set on his failed Presidency, he blames the people of our Nation, saying we have some psychological trauma rather than learning the lessons of his enormous mistakes. He will never understand that a grateful nation would rise with relief, if he only had the wisdom to learn and change, and a grateful world world will rise with relief, when his days in office are done.

"George W. Bush will be impeached by the court of history for using 9-11 to create fear throughout the land, rather than bravery, courage and valor."

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