Friday, September 01, 2006

"The Knowledge 2.0 bubble is exploding, and it cannot burst."

What we are up to here is actually Knowledge 2.0, and it is at least a millennial trend, and it shows every indication of having anthropologic impact. That is, Knowledge 2.0 is changing the definition of what it is to be a modern human, individually and collectively.

When so much knowledge — which includes art, bad music, data, goofy photos, deep insights, personal diatribes, porn, all the books ever written, satellite images of Earth, and spam — is so easily available and categorized and stored and commented on, and when the barriers to finding at least some information on just about anything are so low … well, something is definitely different.

Source: » Scrap Web 2.0, yes, but embrace Knowledge 2.0 surely Dana Gardner's BriefingsDirect

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