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Arthur Neville Chamberlain (18 March 1869 – 9 November 1940) was a British Conservative politician and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1937 to 1940.

Chamberlain's legacy is marked by his policy regarding the appeasement of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany with his signing of the Munich Agreement in 1938, conceding part of Czechoslovakia to Hitler.

(See also Senator Borah.)

So the latest Bush Administration talking point is an attempt to equate appeasement (making concessions to enemies) -- with the willingness to meet and confer (i.e., talking to enemies).


Right-Wing Radio yakker crashes and burns like the Hindenburg while trying to talk about appeasement ...


President Bush made outrageous claims today in Israel, saying that Democrats were appeasers to Iran as you know since it’s the hot topic of the day. [On Hardball], right wing talker Kevin James tried to call Obama "Neville Chamberlain"; but as is usually the case with these talk show conservative hosts, he knew nothing about the historical facts revolving around Chamberlain and what happened as Hitler took power and started a war with Europe. I guess just repeating RW talking points doesn’t work sometimes.

Chris: You are BS’ing me… You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Rough transcript:

Chris Matthews: I want to do a little history check on you—what did Neville Chamberlain do wrong in 1939? What did he do wrong?

Kevin James: It all goes back to appeasement. It’s the key term.

Chris: No, what did he do, tell me what he did?

Kevin: It’s the key term.

Chris: You have to answer this question. What did he do?

Kevin: It’s the same thing, it puts it all…

Chris: Well tell me what he did?

Kevin: It’s appeasement.

Chris: What did Chamberlain do wrong..

Kevin: His actions, his actions enabled, energized, legitimized

Chris: What did Chamberlain do?

Kevin: It’s the exact same thing.

Chris: No stop, Kevin. I’m not going to continue with this interview unless you answer what that thing is. What did Chamberlain do in ‘39, tell me? 38′?

Kevin: Chris, it’s the exact same thing alright?

Chris: What did he do? What did he do!

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Flashback May 27, 2006

GOP Heavy Hitters Pressuring White House to Talk With Iran

by Laura Rozen

Los Angeles Times ($)


Amid concern that the U.S. is drifting toward eventual confrontation with Iran, a growing number of influential statesmen, Republican senators and foreign policy experts are stepping up pressure on the Bush administration to consider doing what no U.S. administration has done in 27 years: talk directly with Iran.

The public campaign parallels private efforts by GOP insiders, foreign policy specialists and U.S. allies abroad to influence the thinking of key administration officials, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Elliott Abrams, who oversees Iran policy at the National Security Council. Both have met recently with foreign diplomats and outside experts and have discussed U.S. diplomacy with Iran.

"I think the U.S. should have a very clear and transparent stance that it will not negotiate with Iran unless Iran should fulfill some prerequisites or preconditions," said dissident Mohsen Sazegara, who lives in Connecticut. "These conditions can be freedom of speech in Iran ... free elections, free labor syndicates and some other conditions."

... fulltext

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"They're trying to fool you, trying to scare you, and they're not telling you the truth because they can't win a foreign policy debate on the merits," said Obama.

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How to talk to Ahmadinejad (if you must)

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