Monday, May 05, 2008

Gas Tax

TPM / Veracifier

& DailyKos 5.4.2008

& May 2006 GOP Gas Tax Pander WaPo 5.5.2006
"ridiculed by consumers and scorned by fellow Republicans in and out of Congress"

& Bill Clinton 3.29.2000
Q. Mr. President, in light of the fact that OPEC has decided to increase production, do you see it as a mistake for the Senate to proceed with a bill that would suspend the gas tax? And if it reached your desk, would you veto it?

A. Well, I don't expect it to reach my desk because there seems to be bipartisan opposition to it in the House, including among the leadership. But the problem I have with it, apart from what it might do to the Highway Trust Fund and the spending obligations that have already been incurred by the acts of Congress, the budgets, is that I'm not sure that the savings would be passed along to the consumers in addition to that. So I think there are a lot of questions about it. But I don't expect it to pass.

& Terry McAuliffe & Tim Russert 5.5.2008

& Daily Intel 5.7.2008

& Jonathan Alter 5.9.2008

& Bill Moyers olbermann 5.12.2008

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